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Test every page and article you make before you release it into the wild. Consequences for not running or failing these tests while your website is live can be catastrophic for business. For example it's going to cost more to advertise and pages will struggle to get organic traffic. Thankfully most of these things are easily fixed.

Code and security

✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
No HTML Errors HTML Tester Code quality comprimised & possibly affect page ranking.
No CSS Errors CSS tester Unused CSS and errors will slow pages down
No broken links WC3 link checker User experience will be negative and SEO will be affected too
Ensure https is used SSL checker Security compromoised, url looks untrustworthy and negative page ranking

Website Performance

✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Mobile page speed 90+ Page Speed Insights Your page won't rank high on search engines.
External Link 'noopener' Check links Pre-loads files from linked page which slows your page down & also passes on page rank.
No Plugins used Check Roundtrips Pages will load too slowly, all SEO info should be hand coded for best result.
Consider using CDN CDN checker Website may load too slowly in other countries

SEO & Page Optimisation

✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Check cannonical URL manual test Pages with conflicts won't be indexed in Google properly.
Test meta tags Display as Google Your page will not display in google properly or rank up for target keyword searches.
AMP article displayed View as Google AMP article may not be displayed correctly
Favicons used ico Checker Your page will be harder to identify in tabs and on devices
Images compressed Tiny JPG Image file sizes may be too large and contain extra data that will slow the page down


✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Passes mobile test Mobile friendly test Lose page ranking fast, lose customers faster.
Validate AMP pages AMP validator Your AMP page will be blocked from Google until validated and fixed.
Service worker Integration Test Page can't be stored offline on mobile devices.
Manual Device test Manual Test Wesite could be displayed incorrectly on mobile devices or tablets. Check all pages.


✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Accurate Alt tags Manual check If an image fails to load there will be no fallback and this also effects SEO.
Titles on links Hover over them Links may not have text show up when you hover mouse over them.
Contrast Ratio Test contrast ratio People with colour blindness or poor visiblity may not be able to see content at all.
Discernable links Manual Check Users may be less likely to click a link and also affects page ranking
tab index on forms Manual Check Anyone using keyboard to navigate could get stuck or confused.
Form labels Manual check Anyone relying on text to speech can't use your forms

Scematics & Social Media

✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Schema info correct Schema Validator Your website wont be indexed properly by media sites & Google
Facebook Opengraph Facebook Tool Page wont display with title and image when people share it on Facebook or Messenger
Twitter Opengraph Twitter tool Page won't display well when someone shares it on Twitter

Content Quality

✔️ Task Run Test Consequence for not fixing
Spelling and Gramma Spell Check Tool Bad for SEO and people will question the quality of your products and services.
No Plagiarism content Checker Your page may be blacklisted if content matchaes other sites or published content.
No Duplicate Content Siteliner Test Pages with content that match other pages on your website will rank down.

Simple Usability Testing

✔️ Task Run Test
Passes User Tests Get people to navigate your website while you take notes of potential improvements.
Gets Positive Feedback Prepare questions in an anonymous feedback form like Google Forms to get honest feedback from testers.
Traffic flows well Use Google analytics to check traffic flow and conversion goals.

Final touches - share new pages and articles

✔️ Task Tool Why you should do it
Back up website Use FTP client You could lose all that work. Before making changes to your website back it up manually.
Minify final pages Code Minifier Unused space in code files maked the file lager so make minified copies to upload.
Request Indexing Google Index This lets Google know your page exists and to include it in the next index.
Regenerate sitemap XML Generator Pages are not crawled properly if the sitemap doesnt reflect page structure.
Third Party Listings See hit list Backlinks can help Google recognise your page as a legitimate representation
Share the page See example list Share articles and pages with the right audience for referral traffic.

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Technical Tests

Get your developer to run these more advanced tests. Order a test here

Chrome Dev Tools - Test and report

✔️ Task Pass Criteria
Generate Report PDF Generate a report of the following: Performance | Accessibility | Best Practices | SEO
Loads in under 3 seconds Simulate page speed on normal 3G network and check if the load time is under 3 seconds.
Slow network test Simulate page speed on slow 3G network - make sure it doesn't take too long to load.
Runtime performance Measure runtime performance to make sure all functional elements work fast.
Final checks Check that there is none of the following: Slow Network Performance| Security Issues | Memory bloat

Search Console - Test and Fix

✔️ Task Pass Criteria
Submit and test Sitemap Sitemap accurately matches website structure and includes necessary pages.
Render and index pages Make sure each page is rendered and indexed by Google properly.
Check and fix errors Make sure there are no: Redirect errors | Crawl Errors | AMP Errors. Fix any errors found.
Check for hacks Make sure Search Console hasn't picked up any malicous activity and everything in the website looks fine.

Google Analytics - Setup and Test

✔️ Task Pass Criteria
Send test traffic to pages Make sure analytics is working correctly on the page. Set up AMP analytics for each AMP page.
Conversion Goals Set up conversion goals and check they are all working correctly.
Check for spam traffic You may need to block spammy Ip's and locations from your website as robots text files won't work.

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