Since the Website Ghost sites are optimised for ultimate performance there is no need to pay for large amounts of hosting space.

Website Ghost litespeed hosting plans

Best hosting option for AMP validated sites. Faster web hosting with less space.

Ghost Plan

$48 per year

Thats just $1 a week per website!

Fast web hosting for smaller optimised websites. Perfect for AMP websites. For AMP websites only, must be under 100mb total. This means you cant use a crazy amount of images, videos can still be served from Youtube, I can build the website specifically for this plan if you like.

Unlimited Hosting

$84 per year

As much space as you need for one website

Unlimited space web hosting at a competitive price. This plan is similar to what you would get with any other hosting company but with the bonus of faster local support. If you are in NZ and want your website to be maintained on a monthly basis switch to one of the WMS company plans below. They ensure your website stays safe and keeps ranking up.

Multi site plan


Up to 10 AMP websites or 5 normal websites

Share hosting costs with your work partners! Same limitations apply as the ghost plan but you can have up to 10 websites with this single price.

Website Management Services

Fully managed hosting for small business

Like having your own professional website SEO, developer and marketer on hand. Your website will be tested every 6 months and updated to keep head of changes to Googles page ranking system. Get a qualified Google Partner to overlook your online advertising campaigns before you run them.

The following services will be set up and managed for you: Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Adwords, Google Business listing, Google map placement and business Email setup.

Managed Hosting

$30 per month

Website hosting with extra protection from risk and local tech support

Frequent tests, updates and backups to keep everything runing smoothly.

Content Management

$80 per month

Help updating website content

Useful for website owners that frequently change website content like blog articles or restaurant menus

SEO Management

$300 per month

Managing website SEO

Best option for business owners that want to rank up in google to get organic traffic to their website.

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Swiching host and migrating websites will be taken care of for you. No host migration or setup fees.

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