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    Google Accelerated Mobile Page with the best functionality and performance especially on mobile

  • HTML-Static

    Custom built static HTML page. Fastest option for desktop but limited functionality.

  • Wordpress

    Low cost, built quickly and easily, very easy to log in and edit content. Slower load time especially on mobile.

  • Online builder

    Using DIY builder like Squarespace or wix. Easy to edit but higher ongoing costs. Limited SEO and performance.

Setup Cost: $120.00

Yearly Host Cost: $40

SEO Score: 93%

instant loading

  • Local Business
  • Online Shop
  • Restaurant
  • News/ Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Global Business
  • Team/Agency
  • Service Booking
  • Minamilist
  • Trades
  • Order Form
  • Other/ Custom

Labor: $0.00

Default Pages: 1

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Total Pages: 0

Total price so far: $0.00

If you want to rank up in Google search and map listings it's important to cover all of the technical aspects as well as have a fast loading website on mobile. There is a massive potential return on the tasks below because your site will also reach more people with less advertising spend. Hover over an option to see a quick description or click here to view a more in depth breakdown of each SEO task and it's importance.

Cost for Site: $ 0

Cost per page: $ 0

Total SEO Cost: $ 0

Estimated Total Cost: $0.00

You will not be charged until your website is built. Any extras can be arranged from logo design to interactive games. Tip: Start with a basic website, you can always request more later.

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Prices are estimated based on the time it takes to build your website pages at a reasonable hourly rate. Just like contracting your own web developer. Pay no company fees, overheads or deposits. The hourly rate is subject to change with inflation, the faster you start the better.

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If you have to ask for a quote you're not getting the best deal. It's better to calculate costs instantly and fast track your website design and development with full transparency.

No Hidden Costs

If it takes less time to complete the website only the time spent will be charged. If it takes more time for tasks outlined in the final quote you will not be charged extra.

Additional requests will incur charges at the standard hourly rate. You may request more store items, articles, additional pages, images to optimise, custom built forms, animations or SVG graphics.