Website design packages

Here are some examples of websites that I can build for you. All websites come with a customised landing page and multi-use page layouts. When you order your website you can add on any of the features mentioned here and more.


Information based website that directs people to learn about your services and make contact. Includes a smart contact form that subscribes to MailChimp.

  • Business page
  • About page
  • Contact Form

Restaurant Website

Restaurant website built specifically to get maximum reach in your local area. Complete with food menu and smart contact form.

  • Menu page
  • Contact Page
  • optional booking page

Local shop

A website built specifically to maximise local traffic and rank higher in google business local search results. Make that aadvertising money really count.

  • Local shop Page
  • Contact Form

Showcase Site

A website for showcasing a lot of images, great for an artist or photography portfolio. Could also be useful for displaying products and services in a visual way.

  • About Page
  • Contact Form
  • Portfolio Gallery
  • Project Page

E-Commerce shop

An online shop with products and shopping cart that manages payments without a third party service. Your products can also be made to show up in Google shopping search.

  • Shop page
  • Product page
  • Shopping Cart
  • optional order form

Blog site

Website with a blog that makes use of gogle AMP which is great for showing your articles to people browsing stories in Google.

  • About Page
  • Subscribe Form
  • Blog feed
  • AMP Articles
  • Optional Google Ads

Four advantages of Website Ghost websites

  1. Technical Quality - You need a fast loading, mobile friendly, simple website to have good SEO ranking potential. If you don't cover the highly technical stuff your website won't get any action.
  2. New AMP technology - Now is the best possible time to get an advantage using the new Google AMP website framework. Not many people know about AMP yet so you'll have a better chance at ranking high and cashing in on the waves of Google searches related to your business.
  3. Minimalism - Anything you add to your website is another distraction from the main goal. So you need to make sure every single thing has a purpose for the users journey. So Website Ghost is grounded on the user experneice, functional design and simplicity.
  4. More Efficient - Websites are built with SEO integrated into the code and structure. A responsive layout and pre coded modules like contact forms are used then custom formatted just for you. No unnecessary code or databases get in the way of the websites performance. No time gets wasted translating the website design to a developer because I'm both UX/UI designer and developer. I work remotely from my laptop so I have no overhead business costs. Everything gets done way faster and way cheaper without sacrificing quality.

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