How much does SEO cost?

There's a reason that the over the last few years New Zealand's fastest growing companies were SEO companies, they make a large margin of profit. An ongoing SEO service generally starts around $2000 a month but the long term benefits can outweigh the cost. That's a real gamble for any smaller business or startup; that's where Website Ghost shakes things up. Affordable SEO doesn't need to sacrifice quality, it's not just about being cheaper, cutting out the middle man or lower overheads. To make SEO more cost effective you need to implement lean development.

Search Engine Optimisation involves several roles: technical coding work, keyword research, online marketing, creative content writing and advertising. SEO is made to sound difficult but each role is easy to master in a short amount of time from working in the tech industry. Google's free tools and services make it even easier for one person to handle. So you can get the same quality of work for a fraction of the costs if you hire the right talent. Even larger software development companies have been adopting lean development practices to pack a bigger punch with a smaller amount of highly skilled individuals. Website Ghost takes efficiency one step further by allowing you to outsource tasks only when you need them.

Secret SEO ranking factors


Website Ghost is all about minimalism, quality over quantity and being transparent.

Start small

Website Ghost helps you start small and grow fast rather than taking a 'profit off success' approach.


Lean development and free tools can make SEO more cost effective if you find the right talent.

short term

Most SEO tasks only need to be done once per page, so monthly SEO costs shouldn't be high anyway.


Instead of writing a blog these website pages are kept fresh monthly to keep things simple. That's because quality 'ever green content' is overtaking the endless stream of blog articles that SEO companies produce.


Rebuilding your website using Google's AMP framework will ensure best practices are followed because it must pass Google's AMP validation.

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4 SEO Company red flags to avoid

If you still want the best quality SEO you need to avoid these four red flags

Sneaky SEO tactics to watch out for

One tactic some SEO companies use to increase profits - rank competition down to help rank clients up. So if you've had a bad run with Search Engine Optimisation start here.

Make your business efficient

Some platforms produce websites that can't pass important tests. Rebuild your website with Website Ghost using Google AMP. Get a perfectly optimised website that's specifically built to grow your business.

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