Outperform giants with SEO

Did you know that with SEO and search ads you can literally take a sale out from underneath a larger company that's been advertising for months? Searchers are becoming more savvy, and so can you.

SEO is a long term game, if played right you can benefit from waves of unpaid 'organic' website traffic. Not just anyone is reached, but people who are actively searching for goods and services like yours. What most people don't know is that you don't need to waste time on writing blog articles or trying to build an audience on social media. It's actually better to leave that to larger companies that have the resources to do so. Instead you can target potential customers who are getting closer to making a purchasing decision so you get the sale.

The upcoming opportunity you can't miss

Search and social platforms recently started shifting from a desktop ranking system to a 'mobile first index' and rewarding fast loading websites. Not only for organic rankings but paid ones too. For example on Google Adwords if your website pages load under 3 seconds on 3G networks your Google Ads will cost less to reach more people. This is part of the initiative to provide a better service by creating a faster, seamless mobile internet for it's users.

Until now SEO companies focused mainly on keywords and content marketing. However things are starting to change. The ranking algorithms are putting more emphasis on usability, technical quality, and website speed. So if you skip the expensive content writing work and hire a developer you can compete with the companies that try to saturate the market with that $2000+ budget. Since there's so many poorly made websites built in slow platforms like wordpress or DIY builders you can turn the upcoming changes into your best opportunity. If you act soon you could finally see yourself rise above the websites that have been ranking top place for a decade.

Transparent SEO services

SEO is good for any business, but not currently as accessible for small business. Some companies make SEO sound more technical to take the steering wheel out of your hands. Instead business owners should be informed or educated so they can stay in control. Website Ghost offers a more transparent solution. The goal is to help businesses be as efficient as possible rather than profit off their success. When looking for more affordable SEO services watch out for SEO service red flags to avoid poor quality work or getting your business in trouble.

How much does SEO usually cost?

The average budget for SEO is about $2000 a month, which can return way more profits long term but is a little overkill for smaller business. There is a way you can still get the best quality SEO services on a smaller budget though.

In May 2018 Ahrefs found that SEO companies charge $150 an hour average, currently Pay Scale states that the average pay for an intermediate web developer in Wellington City is $35 an hour. So the actual value of the work is about a quarter of what most companies pay. That's because hiring a full time SEO professional is going to cost a lot more than $2000 a month. It's also too risky hiring an entry level professional to do SEO work.

Whether you have a large or small website you can hire me for the same rate that a website company would pay an intermediate developer to do the work. Just like having your own professional developer on board but only when you need it.

Website ghost SEO pricing options

If you want a package deal you can use the pricing calculator to generate a quote for SEO. This calculates a price based on how long tasks will take on average. You won't have to pay more if the quoted tasks take longer.

Hire me on an hourly rate if you need ongoing work. This may be more efficient for a business owner who needs to change content or release new pages often. I only have space for a few businesses for this option so get in touch if you would like to see if we make a good business match.

Need a new website?

Get a head start with a website optimised from the ground up, because the website building methods and code structure make a huge difference. Check out the website & SEO cost calculator to generate an instant quote.

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Already have a website?

Contact to request a website audit for your website. Your website will be tested for existing SEO, performance, usability & accessibility. You will get an actionable checklist of tasks to complete and estimated price to get someone like me to do it for you.