What is an AMP website?

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new framework with strict web standards led by Google. The project was originally started for improving web experience on mobile devices. Now the best way to get the most out of AMP is to build a responsive AMP website that works on desktop too. It's built around Google's idea of the most ideal website. Essentially AMP is the future of the internet.

Be one of the first small businesses to get an AMP website in NZ

With the recent Google search algorythm changes, the decline of social marketing reach and new Google AMP technology, now is the best possible time to build a simple fast AMP website. Since over 50% of searches on Google were on Mobile last year Google has just started to rank down slow websites in it's search engine. Larger, older slow moving companies have been enjoying the spotlight for over a decade in your local area. Pulling in waves of unpaid organic traffic just because they were the first online. Now it's your turn to take a slice of the π.

Although some platforms allow articles to convert into AMP, the only way to make the most of it's benefits is to build form the ground up or carefully convert an HTML based website to AMP with code.

Why should I use AMP?

Many responsive websites look great on mobile but load very slowly. Google is shifting to a Mobile first index which means if your website is slow on mobile devices it will rank lower in Google search and Map listings even on desktop. Building websites with Google AMP and using the best SEO practices is the best way to get organic traffic and get the most conversions from advertising. An investment that pays for itself fast.

Instant benefits of AMP

  • Instant loading pages
  • Lightweight file size
  • Strictly clean code only
  • Website SEO benefits
  • More website traffic for less advertising spend
  • Best platform for mobile devices
  • Lower bounce rate
  • Higher conversion rate

Get an AMP website now

The best website platform for business is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Be one of the first businesses in New Zealand to convert to AMP.

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