What is AMP? (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a framework used for developing lightning fast websites with no comprimise to interactivity. AMP is especially useful for building websites that meet the mobile page speed requirements for indexing in search engines. AMP websites must follow a set of strict constraints based around building what Google has found to be the ideal web page. AMP articles is one of it's prominent features, your articles will also be hosted on Googles servers so it can be served instantly. It may also feature in the Google news feed or in 'Top Stories' above search results.

Spooky AMP website secrets

Wordpress Plugin

The AMP wordpress plugin converts pages into AMP articles - this is not the same as building your website with the AMP code library. Also plugins slow down your website.

Be careful

If your AMP page has an error it will not show up in search results. Luckily it's easy to validate pages and Search Console picks up errors and alerts you instantly.

Search Results

In late 2017 Google announced that AMP websites will affect the entire search results page. It's not just for delivering articles in 'Top Stories' as it was first intended to.

The Design

AMP was designed to improve mobile search experience by decluttering everything, removing pop up ads, javascript and images that eat up your data and slow down pages.

The build

Amp has three main parts - AMP HTML for building compeling minimalist pages, AMP JS library for interactivity and AMP CDN for making pages load faster.


Correct AMP implementation is complex, it requires advanced HTML and CSS knowledge so it requires professional IT personel to build pages. This means it's not as affordable.

Just how fast?

The median load time for AMP is 0.7 seconds, "the time it takes to blink twice". The median page load for non-amp is 22 seconds, the time it takes for someone to leave your site and never come back.

Usability research

Researchers have found that site speed is such an important factor for customers, many users leave a site if it fails to load in a few seconds or so. Test your website on a 3g connection.

SEO effects

According to digital marketers if an AMP page gets more click throughs and a lower bounce rate Google can more easily determine it's value to users so it's likely to get higher search results.

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Benefits of AMP

The benefits of AMP are...

How to make the most of AMP

You need to ensure you implement AMP correctly or it could actually hinder your results.

Why do I use AMP?

Google has indicated that it's moving towards restricting slower or poorly optimised websites over time and switching to a mobile first index. This means if your website doesn't load instantly on mobile (even if it looks great) the page will be less searchable. There has been no better time to take advantage of AMP.

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