Don't worry nothing sinister here, just good websites and bad puns. Even on Halloween I'm all treats and no tricks - that's a promise. I guess you could say I'm completely transparent. 👻

I have a spooky secret for you though

You should always test the quality before you buy a website. You can test the very basics of a website's performance instantly with page speed insights in a few clicks. Go ahead. Test any design or SEO company webpages and portfolio websites. If the mobile score is below 90 the website will be ranking down and will cost more to advertise on Google and Facebook. That's because rewarding fast websites will help these companies deliver a seamless experience for their mobile users.


Building websites that grow business

A specialist in designing and building websites for business growth. That means perfectly optimised, SEO driven, lightweight websites that load fast on mobile. Calculate costs and generate a quote.

Making business more efficient

Finding the most cost effective solutions and streamlining marketing to increase profits. You don't need to outsource everything, instead ask me to help teach you how to use business tools and software.

Google AMP Websites - Designing & building lightning fast, secure websites using the new Google AMP framework and codebase. Delivering custom built HTML/CSS/PHP websites that beat the ideal target of 3 second load time.

Website Optimisation - Testing performance, generating reports, and tuning websites using specialist optimisation and dev tools. Venture beyond what Page Speed Insights can test and make a huge impact on website traffic.

SEO & Search Advertising - There are some instant benefits of Advertising and SEO but you should have a long term strategy to rank up and reach unpaid traffic. The more optimised a website is the further advertising money will go.

Marketing Strategy - Forming an online marketing strategy and measuring the results of all advertising and social efforts. Tracking conversions in Analytics and organising data from multiple sources with spreadsheet formulas.

Business Automation - Making business more efficient and easy to manage. Building interactive calculators and integrating websites with tools like mailchimp, emails, calendars, online spreadsheets, social media, SMS and more.

Games and creative marketing - Making your business less like a business and more approachable. Using game mechanics to increase traffic quality so your pages rank higher. A little creativity can go a long way in business.

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Google AMP

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

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Web Designer

Google Business

Google Adsense

Google Partner Certifications

Here are my personal Google certifications. As a Google partner Dev, services are delivered according to best practices and guidelines set by Google. Certification exams are renewed yearly, click one to see proof of certification.

Tools and info

Websites that load slower will cost more to advertise and start ranking down since Google's July 2018 speed update. Are you ready to turn this into an opportunity?

Learn about the new Google powered websites

AMP is a free to use platform that produces lighting fast websites that have several advantages over regular websites. Now is the best possible time to take advantage of the new Google AMP framework to get ahead in search engines.

Generate a quote instantly

No more waiting for quotes! Generate website and SEO pricing instantly using the interactive calculator. Compare top website platforms to find the best match for your needs. You could have your new website online within 7 days.

Check website performance

Does your website load fast enough to rank high in search engines and make advertising costs lower? Request an audit or easily test your own website using the website checklist for business.

More spooky website Secrets

Ranking up

To maximise your reach on unpaid organic traffic you need a fast loading, mobile friendly website rather than a blog or endless content.

SEO changes

Websites built in 2017 that haven't kept up to date with Googles rapidly changing algoritms are ranking down. Now's your chance.


Many businesses have a design driven website that can't possibly rank high on search engines because of poor performance optimisation.

Function vs form

Some websites look really nice but are like a ferarri with a tractor engine inside. What you see on page is just the tip of the iceberg.

Advertising costs

If your website loads fast on mobile devices and retains users well your advertisements will cost less in Google Ads. So DIY web builders or wordpress will cost more in the long run.

Even more spooky web industry secrets...

Who is website ghost?

The Transparent Dev - An experienced kiwi web developer/ designer with an honours degree in digital media at Massey University in Wellington. I've worked many different jobs including: Graphic Design, Development, SEO, Marketing, Technical Writing, Aniamtion, Game Design & QA Testing. I've been building websites and other cool things for 5 years remotely and in house for clients in New Zealand. Get to know your new ghost friend via your favourite channel below.

Test your ghost busting skills - There's a number of ways you can find 'the real me' on this website and social channels. In the meantime we can be ghost friends or something. It could pay to keep a transparent developer around to answer any website or marketing related questions.